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Pottiagogo®is the worlds first one-handed fast-opening travel toilet training solution for kids aged 2 to 4 years. Designed for speed, efficiency and ease of use Pottiagogo® provides an ingenious solution for modern parents

Toilet training no longer means being a prisoner in your own home and makes travelling with kids easier giving parents freedom and more choice during an often anxious life-stage for children

Lightweight, easily stowed and carried, Pottiagogo® won’t create a further problem to manage by just taking it with you. The clever folded design allows easy storage and less clutter.

Pottiagogo® stands slightly higher off the ground than a standard travel potty so it’s more comfortable for kids to use – with the added bonus that it can be used with most travel potty liners

We care about our environment and we know you do too, so Pottiagogo® has been designed to be easily taken apart so it can be recycled

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